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2:58 pm

I was in the market for a tubing mascara, as I'd been abusing my Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (MMLE) quite faithfully for about 1 year straight now, and I figured I wanted something that was zero smudge but easier to remove than the MMLE.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MMLE to bits and till today it is still my reigning HG mascara, but it can be a pain in the bum to remove, especially if I'm busy/tired/lazy. In terms of tubing mascaras, I'd tried Blinc and the IMJU Fiberwig in the past. I love how easy tubing mascaras are to remove, and how they stand up really well on the non-smudge front. However the downside was that they dropped the curl and had really blah "natural" results. I would curl and curl and curl my lashes and immediately apply the mascara, but when it dries it just drags my lashes down again. My theory is that because the mascara is applied to the underside of the lashes, when it dries it shrinks, and pulls the curl straight again. It's been 2-3 years since my blinc days, surely the technology would've improved, no?


Somewhat on the dry side. It's similar to the Kiss Me Heroine mascara where the tube feels quite light and empty when I first open it. Wand does not come out over-gunked, and I usually dip twice for each eye.


A traditional bristly affair, but shaped very narrow. Great for small eyes! I find it's easier for me to get in the corners and do my lower lashes with small brushes.


is conflictingly half and half! I am very happy with the zero-smudge and the overall look in terms of volume and length. This is definitely not a dramatic volumising or lengthening mascara, but it still perks up my natural lashes really well. Definitely better than blinc or Fiberwig in terms of volume/length (they were both super super "darker eyelashes" natural). Unfortunately it does not hold a curl! Like I said previously, luckily my eyelashes aren't the traditional Chinese Stick-straight-pointing-down eyelashes, but even with aggressive curling where my lashes are pointing at the sky, after this mascara goes on it just drops to my normal mildly-curved-pointing-forward lashes. FML. Comparison of the Clinique & Majolica mascaras on the left!

REPURCHASE? Maybe. I'll keep using this because I kind of like it, but I'm not sure if I'll repurchase. Maybe in the future when I want to give my lashes a break from MMLE, or to go on holiday where I cannot be bothered to bring cotton pads and separate eye makeup remover. It's a REAL shame about the curling issues, because I really like how this mascara looks!

RECOMMEND? Yes/Maybe. If you have naturally curly and long lashes, this is probably really good, especially if you don't want to sit there rubbing and rubbing with multiple remover-soaked cotton pads. If you have short/ sparse lashes that need lots of volume and drama, or stick straight lashes... I'd give this a miss.

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