Big ol' batch of foundation reviews

8:00 am

Awhile back I documented my foundation matching spree, and now that I've given all the samples a good go, and here's my two pence on them. These foundations have been tested over the period of at least 2-5 days. (2 if I already decided I don't like how they look after trying for 2 days)

YSL Teint Resist (#04)

  • Semi matte finish, medium coverage. Very easy to apply and blend.
  • Felt very light on the skin.
  • Once set, it felt dry to the touch, which is a plus.
  • Pretty good for oil control and held up really well through the day. At the end of the day, I did look dewy, but not greasy.
  • Out of the whole lot I liked this one the best, but unless I can find a better colour match for my skin, I won't be repurchasing.
  • I recommend this if you're more combination to oily, this might help with staying in place. The colours tend to run quite ruddy, more of the salmon peachy undertones than yellow based undertone.

Lancome Teint Miracle (#01 Beige Albatre)

  • Dewy finish, light coverage. Very liquidy and takes a bit longer to blend because of it's liquid-ness!
  • Feels very light on skin.
  • Absolute rubbish for oil control. If you're a normal-combination this can look very dewy, and if you're combination or oily... find something else. By lunch I will be quite shiny and my pores look enhanced by the shininess.
  • After all the hype, this was disappointing. If I wanted something light (which I usually) do, I feel even my BB cream gives better coverage for the same "light" sensation.
  • This might be what you're looking for if you want light coverage, natural look, and have dry or normal skin. Combination and Oilies, RUN AWAY! Also it had a slight orange undertone

MAC MatchMaster (# 1.5 & 2.0)

  • Semi-matte finish, medium coverage. Easy to apply and blend.
  • Felt a bit heavier on the skin than I expected for the coverage.
  • Mediocre oil control. I look quite dewy by 3pm.
  • Tends to migrate into creases / pores.
  • Can't find a good shade that matches. Both colours ran strongly on the orange side. The MA reassured me this series is supposed to match both warm and cool skin colours, which could be true if you apply an extremely thin layer that you can barely see any effect.
  • If you have normal skin, and you can find a good match, this might be worth a try. Personally this was no for me.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15 & NC20)

  • Medium - full coverage. Blending is ok.
  • I can definitely feel this on my face, especially if I layer it.
  • Oil control is ok, marginally better than the MAC Matchmaster.
  • Tends to migrate into creases / emphasize pores on bad days.
  • My exact shade is probably an NC17.5, but no such thing exists. Even so, their warm NC colours do run more orange warm than yellow warm.
  • Had a weird chemical smell I couldn't stand, like old school foundation my mum used to wear in the early 90's. Similar to the weird smell the La Roche Posay sunblock had...
  • I think this breaks me out. I notice after using it a few days in a row, I get a lot of comedones and weird bumps under my skin.
  • I know a lot of girls on makeupalley swear by this... and while the wide shade range is applaudable, this was a no go for me. I recommend trying a sample for a few days to see if you get zits before committing to a full bottle.

Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation (I20)

  • This was my old favourite foundation. (putting it in here for reference)
  • Semi-matte finish. Medium coverage.
  • Feeling on skin is not as noticeable as the MAC foundations.
  • Colour match is a bit off, slightly salmon-pinkish but still wearable.
  • Oil control is good. By 3-4pm I'll look dewy, but not greasy. For some reason this was one of the few foundations that looked good at the end of the day despite being dewy.
  • I would repurchase if the colour match was a bit better. Maybe I will in the future!
  • Recommend? Yes. Especially if you're normal-oily combination.
Pretty much all of these foundations didn't have a proper shade match. Most of them were close but always a bit too pink/ dark, or too light entirely. Out of the bunch I'm most likely to repurchase the Shiseido, and maybe the YSL if it had a better colour match.

These days I find I'm starting to prefer my skin79 BB creams over foundation. I like the way they look, the way they feel and the concept of them. Doesn't stop me from going on with my hunt for good foundations though!

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