Sally Hansen Heated Lash Curler

12:46 pm

Due to my eyelashes being like my hair- kind of straight, coarse and stubborn- I have to curl my lashes after makeup application to avoid the lashes drooping down before I can set it with mascara, meaning I end up with dirty curlers that I have to remember to clean! :( I got one of these after seeing a few bloggers and Youtubers raving about theirs, also I thought it might be a nice break for my lashes from all that crimping with manual curlers. Boy did I regret it!


The curler is a compact wand in a red brushed metal finish. Very solid and no-nonsense, the brushed metal finish means also less likely to attract grubby fingerprints. In fact, I have to say this is FAR NICER to carry around on holidays compared to the awkward torture-tool shape of a conventional metal curler.


is a non-issue. I did have initial worries about scalding my eyelids, or burning my eyelashes off, but even pressed up against my skin for a 1 minute period, this didn't burn anything. Mostly it felt like a nice warmth, the kind you get from pressing a toasty heated towel to your face.


This was a major let down. This came with hardly any instructions, but I thought, how hard can it be to use? You're supposed to pop in batteries, turn it on, wait for the pink rubber indicator at the tip to turn white (ready for use), then brush your lashes with it. Well, even after 2-3 minutes (per eye!) of holding, rotating, repeated slow brushing upwards.... all I got was a very gentle, slightly uplifted curl that kind of pointed forwards. :/ I went online, watched EnKore's video on how to use heated lash curlers, went back and tried and tried again. Same deal. Very slightly curled lashes that was still pointing mostly straight forward. Bear in mind, I'm lucky enough that my lashes are usually mildly curved, and naturally point straight forward (unlike most AZNs who have straight lashes that point downwards)... so having to sit there with a heated curler for 2-3 minutes brushing each eye to only get a mild lift is pointless! My eyelashes aren't lush enough to waste them on a gentle, natural curl. I need all the lifting I can get, which is what 5-10 seconds with my trusty Shu Uemura curlers do for me.

Repurchase? No. I gave mine away at work. I saw lots of good reviews for this on Amazon (thus the even bigger letdown), so maybe it will work on someone who has fine, malleable eyelashes. Mine are amazingly stubborn, so I suspect I have to wait till GHD ever get off their bums and release an eyelash curler.

Recommend? No. Especially if you have stubborn lashes like me. But if you do want to take a risk anyway, I got it off Amazon for around £10.

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