Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

4:01 pm

After a period of denial, I had to give it up and admit that my first ever pressed powder - MAC's Mineralise Skinfinish Natural - had indeed given up the ghost after a solid 2 + years of active duty.

Thus began my search for the next face powder to set my foundation, and given I have issues with shinyness, I figured why not try getting powders aimed at mattifying skin? Priced at £4, I figured it's not going to be the end of the world if this powder and I didn't get along, and in all fairness I should try some more recent drugstore makeup before going back to my dad's old motto of "Cheap things no come good, good things no come cheap".


Is somewhat on the chalky end. One gentle swipe of my face brush does come away with quite a loaded brush which I have to tap excess off. After swatching a bunch of department store powders and drugstore powders, department store ones do consistently feel finer, smoother and less crumbly/ chalky. While it might sound weird to say I like the the "harder" department store powders, it does mean that you have to work harder to get "too much" product, meaning you are less likely to overpowder your face with a high end powder. Overall the Rimmel powder does feel all right, doesn't smell of anything.


This is pretty good for a mattifying. It starts off looking matte and quite strongly yellowish pale, but oxidises and melts into your face after 15-30 min. Over the day I would say that it prevents me from looking shiny/greasy rather than keeps me matte. By 3pm my skin will look slightly dewy rather than the usual very dewy (when using MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural). What I didn't like was it's unnatural ability to grab onto that superfine peach-fuzz hairs on my face and look quite cakey on bad/rushed days, which I think is due to the above mentioned chalkiness. I have to be very careful with this powder, make sure I use a really light hand. Even then and with lots of judicious buffing to get excess powder off my face, I still find I end up with random patches here or there that looks cakey and powdery by midday. Granted this is only visible because I'm looking in a compact/ bathroom mirror close to my face, and I think the average person talking to you won't really notice it. Still, I don't like knowing/ fretting about random cake face.

REPURCHASE? No. What I have needs to fulfil my requirements of "easy, breezy, beautiful" application. Given that my brain is half asleep before 9am and time is not aplenty, I don't need a powder that I have to WORK at to get to go on nicely.

RECOMMEND? Maybe. This does the job decently if you have a tight budget and are just starting out with makeup. Or perhaps it would work better on someone who has properly oily skin problems. However as with all powders, apply sparingly then build up in areas you think necessary.

** The Husband asks why don't I just repurchase my old powder which I know I like... bah. Missing the point entirely! :P

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