Spring Cleaning: Vanity Review 2011

6:02 pm

Due to the fact that I don't as of yet have a proper dressing table, most of my makeup/skincare things are sort of squirreled away between multiple drawers, and therefore I didn't notice how much I'd accumulated. My beauty new year's resolution is quite simple: To stop buying multiples of things. If I already have body lotion, I'm not allowed to buy another until I've finished what I got. No matter how nice it smells. I don't need minutely different shades of coral blush/ tan eyeshadow/ black liquid liner either. It's always good to go through your stash of beauty things every 6 months or so to keep your collection streamlined and as junk-free as possible. Here are some tips for better beauty collection habits:

  • Start off with sorting through your things and binning the ones that have gone bad/ expired. Most items have a little symbol of a pot and a numbered M on the back that tells you to dump it after X amount of months. (see image at the bottom) 12 M = use at your own risk after 12 months, 6 M= 6 months etc.
  • If you're not sure how long you've had a product for, it probably is time to bin it. Especially if it's changed smells/ texture/ colour, or in the case of creams and liquids, if it's seperated into oil and other gunk. Just like you wouldn't consume food that's gone bad, you shouldn't be putting expired makeup/skincare on your face. Or in your eyes. Or on your mouth... where you eat it off.
  • Mascara should be thrown out every 3-6 months for hygienes sake. Or you can probably tell when you start getting styes in your eye, or your mascara is flaking off more than it used to... BIN IT!
  • Once you've gotten rid of the expired ones, take stock of what's left. Are there any items that you've bought, used once or twice, then never touched (and totally forgotten about) for the last 3-6 months? Separate these items from the rest of the flock and consider swapping them online, sell them secondhand or give them to people who will show them more love. If you're really loathe to get rid of them give yourself a 2 month probation period to see if you're making use of these items. If you find yourself still ignoring them, they should go. There was one time in my early makeup days when I was convinced I NEEDED a lime-green eyeshadow.... that never saw the light of day.
  • While you're at it, give all your makeup sponges & brushes a good wash with some baby shampoo/ facial cleanser. Ideally you should wash/ clean your makeup tools at least once a week to get rid of nasty zit-causing bacteria.
Now that you're left with the cream of your crop, try to organise the survivors sensibly. You'll find you're probably getting more airtime out of what's left because they're not being hidden behind a tonne of old hairsprays, body lotion and expired foundation. Value for money, WIN! Also, it means you'll be able to better spot a hole in your beauty routine that needs filling.... *ahem*buymorestuff*ahem* :)

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