SWATCH: Foundations!

2:35 pm

Out of curiosity, I went to get myself MAC foundation matched, since MAC shades seem to be used commonly in the beauty blogosphere as a foundation yardstick. After trolling the beauty halls in Westfield from end to end, I came back with lots of little samplers of what I thought matched me closely when swatched in store.

Tips on finding foundation:

  • Swatch on your jawline, and always check in natural daylight. Indoor lighting, no matter how bright, LIES. All of the samples I'll be listing below look like they matched perfectly in storelight.
  • Bring little acrylic pots so you can get some samples to bring home and test drive over a normal office/school day to see how it holds up.
  • Always let foundation swatches sit on your face for at least 15 min- half hour before you decide. Most foundations will oxidise after awhile, getting a bit darker. (Dior foundations especially look like they match me ok at first, then turns into an orange hot mess after 30 minutes!)

Quick Summary of the foundations swatched

  • YSL Teint Resist #4 - Slightly darker than my natural skintone, leans towards cooler salmon pink. Driest/ mattest to touch (good!), finish is satiny/ semi matte on my normal-combo skin.
  • Lancome Teint Miracle #01- Slightly darker than my natural skintone, leaning towards warmer peachy-orange tones. Dewy finish, very spreadable. Colour-wise on skin the same as MAC Studio Fix NC20.
  • MAC Matchmaster #1.5- Slightly darker than my natural skintone, leanng towards warm orange tones. Dewy finish.
  • MAC Matchmaster #2.0- Obviously darker than my natural skintone, leanng towards warm orange tones. Dewy finish. (probably more suitable for those who are NC25 ish)
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15- Marginally lighter than my skintone, warm neutral.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20- Marginally darker than my skintone, warm tone.
  • Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation #I20- (my current go-to foundation) Close match, colour leans a bit to the cooler end of the neutral beige spectrum.
As you can see, none of the foundations are a perfect match (which I think is impossible unless you have perfect peachy barbie coloured skin), but barring the MAC Matchmaster #2.0 (too dark and orange), most of these would match pretty well. I've tried the YSL and Lancome one which did make me look a LITTLE bit ruddier/tanned when comparing face to neck, but looked fine under indoor office lighting. This is pretty passable, and only another beauty fanatic who is staring at your jawline in natural light will really notice the slight mismatch! I could probably get a perfect foundation shade by mixing Studio Fix Fluid NC15 and NC20, not that I would because I'm lazy like that (and seriously I wouldn't buy 2 shades of the same foundation just for that!).

So therefore I declare I'm a MAC NC17.5 ..... :P Will update on my experience with these later!

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