La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Fluid

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Sunscreen is a very important part of my daily routine. I'm of the camp that firmly believes that sun damage is the worst enemy to your skin, both for superficial reasons and health reasons. Don't bother spending your hard earned cash on expensive anti-ageing treatments if you don't protect your skin from sun damage! I hardly ever go out the house without sunscreens, and even on lazy days going to the supermarket I slap on some SPF25 BB cream. What I look for in my sunscreen is:
  • good UVA & UVB protection
  • a light lotion/milky texture (no one likes thick sticky sunscreens)
  • doesn't pill over my skincare/ under makeup
  • doesn't make me grease up even faster than I already do.


This sunscreen is very runny, not so much a lotion, more like milk. In theory I should like this, but I don't. On first application it feels very spreadable, but towards the end it has a slight weird greasy-but-matte feeling that dries to a semi-matte finish. The closest thing I can think of is that weird alcohol-based oiliness when you rub kerosene between your fingers. You get less of this if you apply sparingly and skip your usual moisturiser, but sunscreen isn't meant to be applied sparingly!


Is alright. I notice that I tend to get shiny quicker when I use this, which can be solved by skipping moisturiser and just wearing this alone. On application, the product tends to sit on my face for quite a bit, and takes a while to actually sink in. It does leave a white cast when applied, which does disappear after half an hour or so. The annoying thing is that it occasionally pills up when I've applied it over certain skincare or put some foundations over it.... which isn't ideal considering the limited makeup time I have in the morning.


REPURCHASE? No. I don't think this sunscreen suits my normal-combo skintype, and I can't get over the texture. I'm going to finish this bottle because I don't like wastage, but I much prefer my Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF40.
RECOMMEND? Maybe. This might be better suited if you have normal-dry skintype, don't mind the initial white cast and the pilling-roulette. Also, it's definitely more wallet friendly than the Clarins.

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